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"Be the Best that we can be and
do not be afraid."

~ Chris Colfer

"It's what I love to do. It's never gonna be a waste of my time."
~ Mike Chang, Glee 3x03

L♥ve of my Life

I'm Laura. I think Chris Colfer is a beautiful individual, and he is my biggest inspiration. I'm a gleek, kurtsie, real-life actress, patisserie lover, total klutz & 14-year-old at heart. Which really means, I'm older than 14, but am very, very child-like.

My favorite guys are Chris Colfer, Tom Felton & James McAvoy. I adore Johnny Depp & Alan Rickman as well.

I love peace. I don't participate in ship wars. I'm full of love, love, love. So come to me if you need some lovin'. xox
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  • Change your icon’s on social media to photos of Finn/Cory
  • Wear a red shirt and blue jeans like “Don’t stop believing”
  • Write Finn on your left wrist, Cory on right wrist, 5 on your hand.
  • Social media silence for the hour that the episode is on
  • Trending #RememberingCory and…

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I was wondering how Kurt knew beforehand.  But then again…all the show choirs knew, plus people in NYC…and Blaine went tearing through all of Ohio singing about it.  It was probably on the news.  Blaine is the least subtle person alive.  Of course Kurt knew.

It was probably on the news

"Local Gay Teen Causes Massive Traffic Disruptions in Quest to Organize Adorable Proposal"

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continuity at its best

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blaine: *speaking* help me do the thing

nd: no

blaine: *singing* help me do the thing

nd: yes okay

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So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me?

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I’m coming Harry..!!


is this our agent coulson?

the owl who lived

I could watch this adorable owl all day long…

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ALL 30 second previews from “Glee Sings The Beatles”

  1. Here Comes The Sun (Glee Cast Version)
  2. Drive My Car (Glee Cast Version)
  3. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Glee Cast Version)
  4. Got To Get You Into My Life (Glee Cast Version)
  5. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Glee Cast Version)
  6. Hard Day’s Night (Glee Cast Version)
  7. Help! (Glee Cast Version)
  8. I Saw Her Standing There (Glee Cast Version)
  9. Get Back (Glee Cast Version)
  10. Something (Glee Cast Version)
  11. Hey Jude (Glee Cast Version)
  12. Let It Be (Glee Cast Version)
  13. Yesterday (Glee Cast Version)

+FULL All You Need Is Love (Glee Cast Version) 

While in his arms, the girl could momentarily believe that he loved her, that he cared for her. Even though she knew it was a lie; and that he only wanted her body. But she allowed herself to admit that she could love him… Then she realized that she already loved him.

But this love was different. It was not a jealous, possessive love. It was an admiration; a longing for someone like him to see her.

She knew she was on the path to destruction once again, that it would end in nothing but heartbreak and pain. But she still allowed herself to walk down that path, with her eyes wide open to the hurt ahead.

One day, perhaps very soon, this girl would lose this boy. He would walk off into the sunset, with his arm around another girl, and she could only look on from afar. He didn’t know that the first time she slept with him, she was already in love with him. But that was purely her mistake: she was in love, and he was in lust. And it was doomed from the start.

Sometimes she wondered why she always got into such situations. She didn’t have an answer. She thought that steering clear of the young boys, she had finally made a good choice. But she was so very wrong.

Perhaps he loved her, and wouldn’t tell her because he felt she wouldn’t accept him. And then, at the end of the day, they would discover that they loved each other, and that they were soulmates. He already owned her body, mind, heart & soul. But this fantasy was entirely a Hollywood construct - it would never happen in real life. Friends with benefits would never end in real-life romances. And it ceased to hurt.

Because she knew she was already too far gone. And the only way she could protect herself was to act as if he didn’t mean anything to her; to prepare herself for the day he would eventually walk away.

She smiled to herself in the darkness, while awake next to his sleeping form on the bed. He would never know what he had lost. It was for the moment; but she had so much more to offer him, and he would never experience it. She loved him, but he didn’t deserve it. And she knew this. And she didn’t want to invest too much, she didn’t want to love him. She didn’t want him to know. So he would really, truly lose out.

He flirted with other girls. It hurt. But she learnt to let it go. Because he was never hers to begin with. And you can’t lose something you never had to start with.

The times he was sweet to her in bed… She allowed herself to believe in that romance for just a single moment. Just to dwell in his embrace for the moment. But she chose to surround her heart with a wall; it was reaching out to him, but she held it back. He didn’t deserve it.

She thought about leaving him. Every time he called, she was there. She thought about pulling away from him. Perhaps it was time, before he started his next romance. Perhaps it was time to pull out.

She was ready to leave him. Because she knew there was no happy ending. There was no hope of a happy ending. As much as she tried to please him, it would never be enough. And she would be happier alone. As she had been for a while. She was happier loving the other boy she had held onto for so long.

So in the dark, she made up her mind to leave him. She didn’t know how she would hold up to that decision in the morning, but that was her intent.

She would leave this boy, and just be friends, without benefits. After all, it was not the sex that pulled her in. For her, it was him. And she had to stop, for the sake of her own heart and sanity.

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